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The idea of La Piñata came up in 2005 with the shop La Piñata de Ana, in a town called Bétera in the Community of Valencia. Ana is our daughter, who at that time had only two years old. It is clear, when someone has his first child the whole world goes around his little one.

That is the origin of the name La Piñata de Ana.

It was the first candy shop in bulk opened in the town.

It was another concept of shop different from the already existing kiosks. At that time it was more modern and innovative. The team that we formed then is the same as today. Álvaro, Eugenia and Inma (Álvaro and Eugenia are married).

Due to different personal and working circumstances we put the shop in pause, until now that is the moment to reborn.

As the phoenix bird we have reborn from our ashes with more strength and with more enthusiasm than before.

Finally we have found the right moment and the right place. And now we are only La Piñata, as our daughter in now a beautiful teenager.

We have created the shop as we like. Simple and elegant. Bright, cleaned and welcoming.

In La Piñata we do other things apart of selling candies. We mount Candy Bars and we do decoration with balloons for different events.

In the town and in the surrounding towns is well-known the work of Eugenia doing the decoration with balloons, balloons twisted into figures, candy cakes, etc.

Finally we thought it was the time to make us known in a wider form. Creating our own website. Someone recommended us EDINA.
We made contact and soon they understood the idea we had in mind. They have done and excellent work. They have designed the website exactly as we like and want. They have nailed it with the forms, shapes, colors, etc.
Thanks to this we hope that other people will be able to know our products and our services.

Our strong point and our star product are the Candy Cakes, which are personalized depending on the theme and the event. We put the name and the number to the cakes on demand.

Therefore, we do cakes for lovers, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, communions, baptism, graduations, births, retirements, etc.

Any excuse is good to give a candy cake as a present, or to give it to oneself.

We also do candies compositions (not only cakes) with different forms, as brochettes, cones, bouquets, boxes, etc. We hope you like our products and, of course, we put all our efforts and love in achieving it.

Our maxim is to offer an excellent product in the shortest time possible and under the better conditions.

We are ready for the market. Excited and nervous at the same time, as if it was a rocket launch. 10, 9, 8,  …, 3, 2, 1, ZERO.

We know it will be fine because we are ready and, above all, because we are full of enthusiasm.

We want to give thanks to all the people who have supported us. People who have given us their total support. Parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends. Thank you all.

The tradition of giving presents is something that even the most primitives societies did. It is based on the idea that the delivery represents the establishment of some kind of relationship with the person who receives the present. In the same way that the person who receives a present must feel honored for receiving that object, the majority of the traditions agree in the necessity of that object being corresponded in some special way. In doing so we show the other person that the social bond has established in a consistent way.
The present is a representation of the relationship or bond existing between two people and that can show a determined level of commitment and trust.
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